Who made my clothes




Sara is our founder and CEO. She does all designing, patternmaking, grading, prototype making and purchases amongst a whole bunch of other things. She´s our multitasking owner!


Elinoree is one of our seamstresses and works with garment production in Visby as well as giving you service in the store. She's our "never a sad day girl" with bright hair color and tattoos all over! Always with a smile on her face she cuts away through our piles of fabrics and prepare all material pieces for production. 

Madeleine is one of our tailors and works with the garment production in Visby. She also greets you in the shop and is at your service when you visit us! She´s our dress loving ray of sunshine! She just love to talk, get her going and you will have a wonderful chatty moment.


Linnea is one of our extra seamstresses that helps out in the production and the store together with patternmaking and prototype fittings. She´s our new upcoming star within design and patternmaking with a burning love for tailoring!


Julynn is our extra seamstress that comes in and saves us in hard times. She´s our very own savior all the way from New Zealand!


Camilla is our extra Friday store employee with the smiling face and rapid copywriting woman. She just love to help you find the perfect dress for you or a lovely present to give away.


Anders is our technical website builder that helps us with webshop and homepage. He tries over and over to explain to us, all about the technical terms of all amazing stuff that you can do with selling online. And we usually answers him with “I think you lost me again….”