Our environmental work


We always work to make as little impact on our environment as possible, and try to offer you smarter environmental choices in life.
So what do we do locally in our daily work?

Well, we always think about the environment in everything we do and below you can see what we are doing today and what goals we have in the future and what we are encourage you customers to do:


- Use as much as possible good environmental choices in materials in our clothes, such as: Organic cotton, recycled materials, ÖKO-TEX and GOTS certified fabrics, bamboo buttons.

- In our development of products, we try to design as timeless garments as possible and with great love so that you as a customer can love and use your garment from us as long as possible. We work digitally in our design process and avoid developing too many and unnecessary prototypes to minimize our impact on the environment and our development costs so we can offer as good prices as possible to you.

- Offers you other brands that also work for a better future environment through reuse, new smart materials, organic, locally produced, slow fashion etc.

- Our paper bags that you get your clothes in are made of recycled paper so that we save on the environment and our trees a few turns to.

- As much as possible, we recycle all the packing material that we get into the store and use it again when we ship goods from us. So when you unpack goods from us it may feel like it is not so exclusive and not in new materials, but it is because we really want to protect the environment and take advantage of what we already have instead of new products. We hope for your understanding.

- If we cannot re-use packaging material that we already have, we only use new purchased recycled packaging material in paper and avoid plastic as much as possible.

- We waste all our waste and recycle as much as possible, we submit everything to recycling stations and hope that they will manage it further in a good way.

- Excess fabric waste from production we try to reuse as much as possible. We save the larger pieces of fabric and use them for smaller products such as caps, hair bands and more. We leave the smaller pieces that it is difficult to do something for clothing collections where the material is sorted and reused for new fabrics or insulation materials in the construction industry.

- We do not leave the garments and development samples that we cannot sell ourselves either for clothing collections according to the above or for Secondhand stores that goes to charity such as the Red Cross eg.


- In the future, we wish that we can offer you a circular economy by offering you three different services: 1. A repair service where you can send us your broken garments and we repair them for you and send back at favorable prices. 2. A recycle service where you send us your broken clothes and the clothes you do not want to use anymore to be redesigned into recycled garments that we send back to you. 3. A second hand service where you can sell your favorites from us when you no longer want to use them more, through an online secondhand and in store.

- Develop and use more of other smart environmental materials in our garments.

- Can offer you to a greater extent "production by demand", where we only produce garments when you place orders, so that we really do not have any overproduction at all

- Be able to offer you to be involved in designing your garments so that our range will be as good as possible for you and thus minimize the design and production of garments that you do not like.


- Love and care for your garments as long as you can and shop at what you really want and are sure that you will use.

- Avoid over-consuming products and take advantage of what you have in the first place.

- Make smart purchases and shop locally as much as possible, as well as good environmental choices and organic in materials and products to support the transition to a better future.

- Avoid washing your garments as much as you can. Focus on weathering the garments as long as it goes. Weather them in your bathroom when you shower and there will be water vapor in the air. The water vapor helps clean the garment and causes the garment to hang out and become less wrinkled. Weather your garments except houses in good weather and in the shade, so you do not happen to the sun pale colors.

- Avoid ironing your garments, rather hanging them in your bathroom in connection with showers so that the water vapor and the heat helps to smooth out any wrinkles.

- When you wash garments, use eco-programs and low temperatures that save our energy. Use of environmentally friendly detergents so that we minimize chemicals in our environment.

- Do not use fabric softener, it is just more chemicals in the environment and that energy and raw materials go into the production of the product. If you want the scent in your clothes, rather put in some dried flowers or
fragrance balls in your wardrobe that the clothes can smell of instead.

- When your garment breaks down, make sure to repair it so that the longevity becomes as long as possible.
Cook it yourself or submit it for repair.

- When you no longer use your garment, donate it to charity or sell it through the secondhand market and let the garment live on with a new owner who will love and care for it.

- Sort your waste and recycle as much as possible.
Submit your waste to places where you know that the material is handled in a good way and not just burned up.

Keep in mind that a person cannot do everything, but that everyone can actually do something!