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Esther & Inez are names worn with great pride. Names that stand for heritage and tradition and that represents my family, the values of this company and myself.


Esther was the name of my paternal grandmother and Inez was my maternal grandmother, both strong and independent women who, in their own way, overcame the difficulties they faced. They were different in many ways, but they also had many things in common; strength and determination, independence and the ability to take charge of and change their own lives, not just settling with the cards they were dealt.


Esther is the name of my daughter and she and I both carry the name Inez as a middle name.

To me the names personify the true definition of female power, the necessity to take charge of the direction your life is taking and that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


About me - Sara

So, who am I? Am I as strong and independent as I set out to be? Can I live up to my grandmother’s names? Well, I would like to say that I can.


I have always had a sense of direction in life, big dreams that I  turned into goals to reach. And I don’t believe in putting things off until tomorrow. I live for the moment here and now.


The love for clothing has always been present, (maybe it was passed on by grandmother Inez, who worked as a seamstress?). This passion has in many ways helped me set the course of my life. Like my grandmothers, I left home at an early age, not because of challenging home conditions, but because the high school I wanted to attend was situated in another city. The lust for learning new things has continued to bring me to different cities and schools around the country. So has my work experience, which ranges from tailoring, theatre work, musical show productions to specialist pattern and grading assignments with one of the worlds biggest clothing brands.

About five years ago me and my family moved to the wonderful island of Gotland, a magical and creative place off the coast of Sweden. The move to Gotland set things in motion, and I took the first steps to fulfill one of my dreams – to start my own company.

All these experiences from different educations, people met, places seen, garments sewn, countless hour pattern making, and so on, all follows the same thread; a genuine love for creating clothes. Add to this an environmental agenda and the ambition to create something that truly celebrates the female body. The result is Ester & Inez.  


We always look for new talents, so e-mail us your interested with personal letter and CV and we will get in touch with you. Also see, available jobs, for the latest open position. We do take in interns on regular basis. Contact us here!