The journey to Gotland

The journey to Gotland

The journey to Gotland


My Life has always been in-between places and homes. I have always moved or lived in two places at the same time.

When growing up I lived in two homes, shifting in-between my father and mother, friends and siblings. Later during my higher education years, I moved to cities where my schools were located, maybe staying on an extra year for work and then I moved on again. So I have a bit of a restless soul that always are looking for the next thing, next education, next place to live in and experiences to learn.

Yes, I know what you think - oh, that must be exhausting.... and yes, it is sometimes. To always have some kind of restless feeling and never be satisfied to just exist in one place. But I´m learning!

 The summer of 2013 me and my family took our summer holiday in Gotland as usually. We have visit the Island for over ten years, during high summer and the year around. Always loving it and getting that special feeling of coming home and just be peaceful in the soul, enjoying the nature and all that the Island can offer. Every time when returning home to Stockholm we felt sad during the shipping out from the Island and when back in our apartment, regular routines and jobs, it took us several weeks to adjust back into the flow of the city and the pulse - always thinking is this how life should be?

 After staying at the same spot in life in Stockholm for around 7 years I felt that I really, really, needed a big change! And working at one of the biggest fashion companies the options of work around the world was quite big. So I got the offer of working as product developer in Dhaka in Bangladesh for the company. The offer included to bring with me my family and to have a quite nice settled living arrangement to ease the transaction. I just loved the idea, the experience and the work that the move to Dhaka would mean. But my husband was not as happy as I was. So we had two weeks of - Yes, we do it - one day and then the next day - No way, it will never work. And you probably can guess which side was mine. My husband even said that I could go alone and it would be fine, but around there was my limit, I was not ready to leave my two children behind with my husband for two years. And maybe only get to see them 4-5 times per year. So moving to Bangladesh never happened.

 After some other circumstances that year, my husband ended up working in Visby ("capital of Gotland") during the spring and summer. Me and the children was left behind in Stockholm and came down during the summer holiday - and the discussion continued: What should we do with our lives? How do we want to live them? Should we have a plan and a goal? Where do we want to live? What do we want to work with? And so on. I still needed a bigger change in my life and have new goals to chase and grow with the experience. So I said to my husband two weeks before school started and it was time to go back to Stockholm: Maybe we could live here? In Gotland? We all love it when we are here and I need a change and you don´t have a work to go back to, so we still need to do something. Why not take the step? And if it goes wrong, we can always go back to Stockholm.

And so we did! We checked schools in the area of my mother’s summer house, and both school and pre-school just said: Yes, they are both very welcome to start on Monday! And we, well, now we have to move here - they said yes and that we are welcomed!  We asked the children and they said: Yes, Yes, Yes! So I left our summer holiday alone and traveled back "home" to our apartment and continued working at my work for 6 months. Selling our apartment, packing all our stuff and arranging the big move to our new home in Visby - and of cause going to my new home every weekend to see my family and enjoying our new place in life.

 Now 5 years later we have not regretted a singled day that we have lived here in Gotland! My husband finally works with what he is educated in and love his career. The children quickly got into their new school environment and learned to talk “Gotlandish”, finding new friends and enjoying their new life and home. What about me then? Well, I finally got the courage to make reality of one of my dreams and goals in life – be own my own company and to work for myself!


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