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In our design we uses as much as possible ecological, organic, GOTS and ÖKO-TEX certified materials.
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All our production we try to place as close to us as possible, our own brand Pattern & Grading and Esther & Inez we have the production in Visby, on Öland, in Småland and in Riga.
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We just love color and prints and through our designs we like to spread our joy forward to all of you, our customers.
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We work according to the slow fashion principle and do not mass produce anything. We design to make the products last a long time.
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We try to use up all our waste material, cut offs and uses it for smaller products such as caps, hairbands, jewelry etc.
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When shopping at us, we always try to give you a better environmental choice and we always have a though behind our products.
About us
Esther & Inez are names that are worn with pride. Names that stand for heritage and tradition and which represent my family, my company's values ​​and my own. Read more about us here .
about us